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We believe in the craft of wonder and the ability to experience it again and again. Through destinations, shows, and even video, we’re world-building a shared reality where humanity is the center of the work.

The Producer is responsible for crafting and defining a project's strategy, encompassing its planning, organization, and supervision from its conception to its execution. They serve as the project's representative, managing client relations and acting as the bridge between the client and the production team. Their duty involves ensuring the delivery of each project phase, overseeing critical risks, and providing clear directives and recommendations to the teams. Working closely with the Executive Producer, the Producer exhibits strong leadership, exceptional interpersonal skills, and outstanding communication abilities, maintaining a consistent presence throughout the project as a positive influencer.

Main Responsibilities

Responsible for the overall management of projects

• Close collaboration with the Executive Producer and senior management.

• Ensuring project delivery from inception to completion.

• Development and definition of project strategy; its planning, organization, and oversight.

• Daily leadership and management of the production team.

• Ensuring project profitability and daily project monitoring.

• Identifying and analyzing potential project risks and ensuring control.

• Overseeing project progress, and providing advice and recommendations to teams (technical, objectives, performance, etc.).

• Identifying and analyzing available skills and resources for project execution.

• Identifying and selecting the best suppliers for the project.

• Managing external resource recruitment when necessary for projects.

• Preparation of contractual and administrative project-related documents for clients in collaboration with internal stakeholders.

• Negotiating contracts with subcontractors, freelancers, and project stakeholders.

• Monitoring client payments.

• Providing support and mentoring for the project management team.

• Contributing to the standardization of internal tools and procedures.

• Creating and maintaining knowledge sharing and good communication within the team, acting as a positive influencer.

• Planning and organizing project archiving during the project.

• Collaborating on the project's post-mortem with the teams.

Client Management and Business Development Relations

• Participating in the initial project stages with the business development team (sales, pitches, negotiations, project selection, and service offer development).

• Validating the feasibility and profitability of creation/production based on project needs and information.

• Creating project estimates and quotes in collaboration with various involved individuals.

• Proposing creative and innovative production strategy solutions in collaboration with directors.

• Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with key partners.

• Developing and maintaining a network within professional sectors

Desired Skills

• At least 5 years of experience in multimedia production.

• Strong understanding of financial and legal contexts in multimedia and audiovisual projects: contracts, budgets, production costs, billing, tax credits, intellectual property, immigration laws, etc.

• Strong negotiation skills.

• Proficiency in MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Keynote, etc.).

• Understanding of business sectors specific to Gentilhomme and associated challenges.

• Ability to anticipate international cultural trends and societal phenomena, keeping abreast of industry activities.

• Updated knowledge of competition and available products.

• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, being flexible and able to work as a team.

• Strong positive leadership and initiative.

• Decision-making and delegation abilities.

• Excellent customer service and diplomatic skills.

• Autonomy, excellent sense of priorities, attention to detail, and resourcefulness.

• High adaptability according to the needs of clients from diverse market segments.

• Artistic sensitivity.

• Advanced proficiency in French and English, both verbal and written.

Special Working Conditions

• Availability for travel within the United States and internationally.

• On-site work at our offices Copy to clipboard