Interactive experimental installation

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OPAL is an interactive experimental installation that explores the relationship of the micro, macro and the inbetween. Equipped with a custom designed interactive flashlight, participants unveil an organic universe that takes them into an almost meditative state. In this immersive experience, the visual and musical ambiance influence one another and form a singular ecosystem, sensitive to movement and light.


Interactive design
Creative production
Media direction
Art direction
3D / 2D Animation
Stage design / Scenography
Creative direction
Sound Design
Musical Composition


Panasonic Connect
“Our desire was to transform audiences into active participants, while offering them a contemplative pause.”


The word opal refers to the energy, interconnectivity and iridescence of the world created for the experience, somewhere between outer space and underwater, and universes both known and unknown. It was designed to awaken curiosity, encourage discovery, and evoke emotion.


What started as an R&D project in the Gentilhomme LAB took on a life of its own, rapidly transforming into a scalable multi-user interactive experience. Using interactive flashlights, participants illuminate the on-screen visuals, which influences the soundtrack, like a musical instrument, resulting in a chain reaction of the senses. From a technological perspective, the detectable flashlights leverage Gentilhomme’s bespoke tracking software. What makes them particularly innovative is their ability to be individually tracked in 3D across three axes, enhancing the overall realism of the experience. The installation is significantly scalable and can accommodate various venues, screen sizes, while simultaneous tracking numerous devices.
Executive Creative Director
Thibaut Duverneix
Creative Director
Guillaume Cardell
Art Director
Mathieu Léger
Multimedia Director
Lucie Brillouet
Creative Technologist and Interactive Sound Designer
Marouane Sahbi
3D Unreal Engine Artist
Étienne Garon-Vincent
3D Unreal Engine Artist
François A de l’Isle
Photographer and 3D Artist
Maxime Roux
Project Manager
Maude Blais
Sound mix
Studio Lamajeure