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Working from Charlotte's color palette and visual repertoire, the mission was to make a series of minimal yet highly impactful scenes in order to create a homogeneous and continuous experience—all while putting value and focus on the performers without ever distracting from them.


Creative direction
Creative production
Stage design / Scenography
3D / 2D Animation
Art direction
Show design


Charlotte Cardin
Cult Nation


We wanted these shows to celebrate Charlotte’s close relationship to her audience. Joining Gentilhomme's bold creative direction with the singer’s intimate style and brand allowed her to reconnect with fans in small venues after more than a year and a half of social distancing and isolation.


Inspired by Charlotte’s artistic output, Gentilhomme created a cohesive visual universe to translate to the Phoenix live tour. Taking from fragments of Charlotte's artistic output including music videos, album covers and even her instagram, we aimed to evolve her artistic vision, taking the ambience to the live show by creating a series of set extensions and minimalist architectures. All together making a new vocabulary of scenic moments, colored universes and strong visual signatures.
Creative direction & show design
Thibaut Duverneix
Designer & Art Director
Mathieu Léger
Lucie Brillouet, Sophie Tarte
Assistant Director
Aurore Leloup
Executive Assistant
Emma de la Chaussée
Creative technologist
Marouane Sahbi
Production Coordinators
Maude Blais, Angèle Beaufront
Digital Artists
Étienne Garon-Vincent, François A De Lisle, Maxime Roux
Stéphane Bourgeois, Maxime Roux, Félix Bonnevie
Mathieu Gibeault, Bobby Leon
Charlotte Cardin
Musical director, bass, keyboard
Mathieu Sénéchal
Benjamin Courcy
Creative Producer
Gabrielle Mather
Label & Artist Management
Laurie Chouinard
Tour Manager
Marco Royal
Agent to Charlotte Cardin
Jason Brandon
Sound Board Operator
Francis Major
Lighting Designer
Mathieu Roy
Lighting operator
Antony Gracias
VP Operations & New markets Development
Patrick Vézina, Pur FX
Technical Director and Pyrotechnics
Maude Bilodeau, Pur FX
Movement Coach / Choreographer
Amy Gardner
Technical director
Maxine Drury
Set Designer
Geneviève Lizotte
Equipment provider
Michael Robert, Solotech
Technical video advisor
Pascal Rhainds, Solotech
imag director
David Boisvert, Solotech
Production Manager
Matthew Lederman, Evenko
"XOXO" Motion Designer
Paul Laberge
"Dirty Dirty" Motion Designer
Josselin Bey, Stefano Gemmellaro