Terminal C

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For the Orlando International Airport’s new Terminal C, we designed a series of immersive multimedia experiences and installations which explore the knowns and unknowns of greater Central Florida. The project reimagines the passenger experience by offering unexpected moments of magic within the world’s seventh-busiest airport.


Creative direction
Interactive design
3D / 2D Animation
Art direction
Media direction
Creative production


Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)
Sardi Design
Burns Engineering, Inc.
MRA International
Hahn International
Smart Monkeys
RealMotionTM (Float4)
“Gentilhomme’s installations are the first of their kind for the aviation space.” –Madilyn McKinley, Travel Radar


We transformed the airport into the destination itself, providing thought-provoking collective moments of magic that reshape how passengers connect with the city and surrounding region. The multimedia content is integrated into two large-scale features. As a result, an expected 60 million annual travellers passing through Terminal C will be able to discover over 70 video capsules that are curated and scheduled based on the passenger journey, in consideration of dwelling time, time of day and season.


The nature-based photorealistic content of each installation brings tranquility and peace to a typically stressful environment, transforming the airport into an oasis while seamlessly blending into the architecture itself. We went to great lengths to create hours of original multimedia content, using state-of-the-art CGI, machine learning, live action, original music, interactive, generative and immersive underwater filmmaking along with 3D motion tracking technology that renders imagery in real time.


"The Moment Vault" is an interactive installation immersing guests in a 360º immersive world built in Epic Games’ UNREAL Engine. Up to 30 full body users’ movements are tracked in 3D in real-time and transformed into interactive silhouettes on screen, featuring scenes from Mars, swims with manatees, fireflies, and fish. "Windows on Orlando" is a triptych of 32-foot-high screens spanning 114 feet that give the illusion of three windows that open up onto mesmerizing scenes celebrating Orlando.
Executive Creative Director
Thibaut Duverneix
Multimedia Director
Guillaume Cardell
Multimedia Director
Amélie Petit Jean
Live Action Director
Mathieu Gibeault
Interactive Director
Marouane Sahbi
Interactive Content integrator
Arnaud Mellinger
Mathieu Léger
Motion Designer
Maxime Roux
Assistant Director
Aurore Leloup
Assistant Director
Miriam Diana Pelletier
Creative Coder
Étienne Garon-Vincent
Creative Coder
François de L’Isle
3D Artist
Maxime Roux
3D Artist
Christelle Bellini
3D Artist
Valentin Huchon
3D Environment Artist
Étienne Garon-Vincent
3D Environment Artist
Karim Abou Shousha
Houdini Artist
Julien Morneau-Gagnon
Special Consultant
Björn Benneke
Video Editor
Noémi Baron
Content Production Provider
Painting artist
Willie Daniels
Painting artist
Mary Ann Carroll
Painting artist
Roy McLendon
Executive Producer
Carole Samson
Line Producer
Geneviève Isabelle Michaud
Live Action Producer
Frédérique St-Pierre
Live Action Producer
Sophie Tarte
CGI Producer
Alexe Mercille-Gagné
CGI Producer
Lucie Brillouet
Technological Director
Jeremy Ferland
Technological Director
Abhinav Dabas
Content Manager
Mireille Magnan Lauzon
Content Manager
Miriam Diana Pelletier
Production Coordinator
Maude Blais
Production Coordinator
Angèle Beaufront
Production Coordinator
Marie-Christine Carrière
Executive Assistant to the Creative Director
Emma de la Chaussée
Chief of Finance
Benoît Hotte
Operation Director
Sophie Bisson
Director of Photography
Tom Fitz
Mathieu Gibeault
Orlando based Line Producing company
Skystorm Productions
Line Producer
Sach Baylin Stern
Associate Producer
Olivier Arnesen
Camera Assistant
Simon Benoit Boisvert
Camera Assistant
Phoebe Fitz
Sound Recordist
Glenn Allen
Key Grip
John Pivovarnik
Scout Location Manager
James Cullinane
Data Wrangler
Hector Lopez
Production Assistant
Mitch Metiver
Production Assistant
Sam Ruiz
Boat Captain
Mark Emery
Boat Captain
David Williamson
Boat Captain
Reg Garner
Support Boat Captain
Christopher Staker
Safety Driver
Kathleen Moo Young
Safety Driver
Taylor Schott
Joseph Cadieux
Online Editor
Martin Gros
Assistant Editor
Miriam Vaillancourt
Content Manager
Mireille Magnan Lauzon
Luc Bellerive
Sound Design/Composer
David Drury
Sound Mixer
Christian Olsen
Sound Mixer
Thomas Duchaine
Sound Design
Marketing Director
Rory Seydel
Public Relations
Jessie Cohen
Marketing Manager
Sarah Mackenzie
Marketing Coordinator
Felix Bonnevie
Senior Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations
Carolyn Fennell
Content Production Owner Representative
Rob Brancheau
Executive Creative Director
Marcela Sardi
EME Project Director
Mike Rubin
Project Manager, SACO
Jesus Llorente
Director of Operations, Smart Monkeys
Jason Pontius
System Designer, Smart Monkeys
Olivier Moser
System Designer, Smart Monkeys
Paul Bristol
Digital Communication Specialist, HAHN Integrated Systems
Paul Cadena
Aviation Special Projects Lead, BURNS Engineering Inc.
Matthew Meier
Integrator, Electrosonic
Kevin Mayfield
Technical Consultant
Francis Perreault