An immersive thriller experience

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Darkness lurks on the rails of an abandoned metropolis, located between the physical and the virtual. Defend yourself against an invasion of menacing monsters with the help of a flashlight. An immersive thriller experience by Gentilhomme Lab, Rail Rage is a new type of interactive entertainment.


Interactive design
Creative production
Art direction
3D / 2D Animation
Creative direction


Rail Rage is an interactive digi-physical experience controlled by your movements in real time, bringing users on a collective visceral journey of survival. Equipped with no more than a flashlight whose flare destroys threatening creatures in their path, players who survive the longest win.


In this minimal user interface, your physical actions control the digital scenes that unfold before you, in real-time. No VR headset or smartphone is required to navigate the haunting scenes that surround you– only the flashlight, and your survival instincts, should they be strong enough. Built in Unreal Engine, photorealistic environments, characters and visual effects ensure a fully immersive experience.

Thibaut Duverneix
Executive Creative Director
Joy Marsal
Executive Producer
Guillaume Cardell
Creative Director, Editor and Motion Designer
Marouane Sahbi
Creative Technologist and Sound Designer
François A De Lisle
3D Unreal Engine Artist
Étienne Garon-Vincent
3D Unreal Engine Artist
Miriam Diana Pelletier
3D Unreal Engine Artist
Arnaud Mellinger
3d Modeling
Miriam Diana Pelletier
Motion Designer
Mathieu Léger
Art Director
Maxime Roux
Angèle Beaufront
Production Coordinator
Sarah Mackenzie
Marketing Manager
Felix Bonnevie
Marketing Coordinator and Editor