An Immersive Fungital Game

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Mushrooms are magical and mysterious interconnected creators of our world. At once an arcade game and a virtual experience, Fungimushi invites users to shape their own mycelium landscape with physical movement.


Design interactif
Direction artistique
Animation 3D / 2D
Direction créative
Production créative



Taking place amidst a fantastical fungi universe, players team up to find the best way to solve the puzzle platformer in front of them.

Increasingly, lines between our tangible and intangible worlds are blurred, carving a path for a new type of play. At Gentilhomme, we blend boundary-pushing technology with worldbuilding to create unique moments of magic.


To guide Fungimushi through charming and evil worlds, move wooden blocks across a surface. Physically add and slide them to align logs along Fungimushi’s path to traverse the threatening forest.

Careful, multiple obstacles will appear along the way and time is of the essence! React quickly and use your blocks sparingly while discovering what lies in the shadows.
Executive Creative Director
Thibaut Duverneix
Executive Producer
Joy Marsal
Multimedia Director
Lucie Brillouet
Art Director
Mathieu Léger
Creative Director
Guillaume Cardell
Motion Designer, 3D printing and Game Designer
Arnaud Mellinger
Creative Technologist and Sound Designer
Marouane Sahbi
3D Unreal Engine Artist
François A De Lisle
3D Unreal Engine Artist
Étienne Garon-Vincent
Motion Designer, 3D Unreal Engine Artist, Concept Artist
Miriam Diana Pelletier
Photographer, Editor and Motion Designer
Maxime Roux
Production coordinator
Angèle Beaufront